June 26, 2021
(Subject to adjustment or Change)

7:00 am   Gates Open

7:40 am   Divers meeting

8:00 am   60 minute testing session

9:00 am   Final practice

9:15 am   Brackets are due
               Please note brackets are due at 9:15 sharp despite cars being on track.
               If we do not have your car placed by 9:15, you will be put in the fastest bracket

9:30        Cars due in the  line-up are.  Called down by bracket, fastest first. 
                If you are not there in time we will grid the next car.

9:50      Pace Car Rolls on track.

10:00 am Start of the 2nd Annual Thompson Bracket Grand Prix

6:00   pm  Checkered Flag

Awards to follow.  Please note the track has an event on Sunday. we have the facility until 6:30pm
Please try to load, clean your area and be out of the way by 6:30  pm.
Do not leave anything.   Do not leave anything.