The Bracket Grand Prix
Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
June 22, 2023
Driver Registration

* Please note the address below is your address and must match your drivers license.

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 I have read and agree to abide by the General Rules






Good Morning, 

Looks like a great day for our race.

 For the race day schedule, please go to>

By now you should have your car , drivers and spectators paid for.  We do not sell tickets at the event.
Go to the site for admission tickets/ Driver tickets.

Please send me your transponder numbers and a driver list for each car by going to .
We do not have transponders however Thompson Speedway usually has a few of their own . If you plan on renting one from the track, definitely call and make arrangements.

Teams may drop off their trailers and leave immediately tonight.  You must wait till all of the Track Night in America teams leave. That is usually after 6pm.  

Questions please text at 978-810-2388