Top ProTruck Drivers in New England
Gear up for Battle at Monadnock

      The EXIT Realty Challenge New England Schedule gets back underway at Monadnock Saturday June 11. The race is shaping up to be a classic with an awesome field of ProTruck Stars.

           Last season's Monadnock races were swept by Lucas Leone.  Lucas is a spotter for many other racing teams, and was unable to race in the opening Monadnock ProTruck race.  He is back in the 1ne this Saturday looking to keep his streak of wins alive.  
           A pair of race winning threats are returning to Monadnock Saturday.  #2 Duane Noll was unable to compete in the last two events however he'll have the Deuce ready .  His last win was at Mad Dog.    8 time Champion Andy Lindeman will be wheeling the #3 Rushford Racing Silverado.  Both Noll and Lindeman are multi-time Champions and always a threat to win.

        A few unexpected fan favorites have emerged early on.  #84 Brandon Hunt made his first start after missing a few events due to injury.   Roger Hunt in the 48 has fans talking.  No one really knows how old Roger is. Some say 70. Rumor is most guys would be long retired however Roger is taking a run at the Rookie of the Year standings and the fans are all behind him.

     Three drivers have wins this season.  Devin Deshaies, who is currently tied for second in points has been spectacular. He scored his first Challenge win at NHIS.   He is super quick on the short tracks.  The 64 led in the last Challenge event at Mad Dog and is expected to be in the lead pack Saturday night.  He'll have to contend with Connor Souza in the 38, and points leader #15 Gerard Giordano Jr.   If "rubbin is racing" then G-Rod and Souza are masters at racing.  There was plenty of contact and side by side battling.  On the final lap G-Rod led down the back stretch. Souza was able to beat him back to the line.

       Will we have a new winner this week at Mad Dog?  Can anyone beat these young guys?  One thing is for sure. ProTruck racing at Monadnock produces great finishes.  Be there if you can. Tickets are available online at




  Giordano and Deshaies Evolve as Speedway Winners

       The 2022 EXIT Realty Challenge Racing Season kicked off with two Speedway events. First up was the 48th annual IceBreaker at Thompson Speedway April 2nd followed by the Northeast Classic at New Hampshire International Speedway April 16th.

      Two stories emerged from icebreaker practice. The first noticeable headline was the speed of two trucks. The number 2 Silverado of Duane Noll and the number 15 of Gerard Giordano Jr. were both absolutely flying, turning laps under the track record. The second story revolved around an on track incident with the 38 of Conner Souza. While avoiding another race truck's spin Connor was forced to go off the high banks and on to the apron. The evasive move caused the damage to the number 38's oil pan. The team would have to leave the track to do repairs and have any chance of racing Saturday evening.
      Qualifying for the Ice Breaker featured incredibly fast times. The top 10 all turned laps under the track record. Series Champion Dave Koenig qualified on the outside pole as one of two trucks that turned the half mile oval in less than 22 seconds. On the pole it was Giordano Jr.'s number 15 Silverado with a new track record of 21.966 seconds.

      The 35 lap EXIT Realty Racing ProTruck Race was up next.  Lined up behind the front row of Giordano and Koenig was the #55 of 2022 Rookie of the Year Nathan Smith, and the #2 Silverado of Multi-time ProTruck Champion Duane Noll.  Jim Boyle rounded out the top five. 

     On the start G-Rod powered into the lead . Nathan Smith followed along in second.  After a few laps of side by side battle Noll was able to dispose of Koenig.   Connor Souza was able to freight train Koenig next.

               Racing was interrupted by the first yellow of the event when Emma Monahan made contact with Tyler Chapman, spinning Chapman in the turn four wall. The 81 suffered left front fender damage.  Monahan was able to continue on. Chapman was forced to retire.
     Giordano opted for the outside lane on the lap 8 restart.  Nathan Smith's 55 shared the front row.  Noll and Souza made up row 2.  Koenig and Boyle followed in row 3. G-Rod wasted no time powering his #15 Silverado into 1st place. Smith now had his hands full with Connor Souza.  The two battled side by side for one lap, and then with a cross over move, Souza challenged from the inside.  Smith pulled away and Souza got in line entering turn 3 where Noll now passed Souza.  Coming out of turn 4 Souza crossed back to the inside.  Souza was again in a side by side battle. only this time it was with the 2 of Noll.  After a bit of contact, Noll was able to settle into 3rd with Souza back in 4th and Koenig rounding out the top 5. 

      With 19 laps to go, the 6x of  Andy Pallegrini spun exiting turn 4.  The Pellegrini Electric Silverado then backed itself into the pit row wall and slid on top of it.   The race was red flagged as crews responded and then removed the 6 from it's perch.  Andy was uninjured in the spectacular incident.  Thanks to the great emergency crew at Thompson, the field was lined up and ready to race after a very short delay.

    On the restart the field still had Giordano out front with the 55 of Smith to his inside.  Noll and Souza lined up in row two with Koenig fifth.  A new player in the lead group, Devin Deshaies now lined up along side of Koenig. On the drop of the green flag G-Rod again vaulted into the lead. Duane Noll powered by Smith low while Souza pulled outside the 55.  Noll moved on while the Souza -Smith battle continued side by side with door slamming action for about four laps. Souza eventually moved to 3rd.  Behind the 55 was now Devin Deshaies. His all new 64 Silverado rounded out the top 5.

    Up front Noll now hounded Giordano by trying multiple lines.  Gerard was simply fast. He made it look easy to maintain a truck length advantage all of the way to the finish despite Noll's multiple challenges.  . Following Noll was Souza.  Nathan Smith and Devin Deshaies rounded out the top 5.  Other notables were 8 time Champion Andy Lindeman.  Andy charged from the back to finish 7th. Randy Burr finished his truck just before the race was lining up  He was able to start last and finish 13th. 

         The win was Gerard Giordano's series record 11th win.   "This is my favorite track" claimed G-Rod.  He was quick to thank his father and crew that works endless hours to prepare the 15jr. 

      Next for the series was the NorthEast Classic.  New Hampshire International is a mile oval located in Loudon New Hampshire.  The EXIT Realty Challenge ProTrucks were lightening fast here too. G-Rod was setting track records again.  The Long Island driver set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 33.055 and was clocked by radar at the end of the front straight at 122 mph.  Unfortunately for G-Rod, on the second race handicap points set in and he had to start from the fifth position.

    Young Clark Brooks in the 21 led the field to green. Outside of Brooks, on the front row for the second race in a row was Dangerous Dave Koenig in the 97.  In the second row was Devin Deshaies in the 64.  Connor Souza in the 38 Silverado  lined up outside of Deshaies. Despite is pole position lap, Gerard Giordano Jr's 15 rounded out the top five.

      Clark spun his tires on the start handing the lead over to Dave Koenig.  As Koenig exited turn 2, he held his truck low opening the door for Connor Souza to blast by on the high side to take over  into the top spot.  This left Koenig and Gero battling side by side entering turn 3.
          Gero used the high side to maintain his speed and move into second.  Deshaies and Giordano followed dropping the 97 to fifth.   Gero selected the high line again as the field made it's way back to turn 1.  Deshaies was quick to react to Gero's choice of lanes and dove low.  By the exit of turn two Deshaies moved under the 19 and took over the runner up spot.   Giordano was next to move under Gero's 19. 

    Once clear of the pack, the 64 gained the benefit of the draft from the leader.  Deshaies took very little time to hunt down the 38. Souza protected his lead by moving into the low line.  Deshaies was fast wherever he ran .  He moved his 64 Silverado high in turns 3 and 4 and found even more pace in the top groove.  Exiting 4 he then crossed back under the 38 and took over the top spot coming to the start  finish line with just 10 laps to go. 

            The battle of the day was between Souza and Giordano.  Giordano had also used the draft to close on the 38 and soon camped his Silverado on Souza's rear bumper . The 38 protected low and left the top side open as he did with Deshaies. Entering turn one with 6 to go Giordano made his move past the 38 only to have Souza defend by crossing over and pulling even as the duo exited turn two.  The 15, now on the high side used the momentum of the outside groove and completed the pass. 

     Out front Deshaies appeared to be on cruise control.  Appearances can be deceiving. Just before lining up, the 64 team had added one more piece of tape to the radiator opening which adds speed and handling.  The tape seemed to have worked however , on the downside the engine was overheating.  Devin radioed in to find out what to do.  When you are leading at NHIS, there is no other action to be taken except to nurse it to the checkers.   That is just what Devin did. Giordano was able to close the gap, but ran out of laps. 

      Devin Deshaies, at 14 years old made history as he became the youngest winner of an oval track race at the Magic Mile.  G-Rod would have to settle for 2nd. Souza was able to hold on to 3rd. Dangerous Dave Koenig fought his way back to 4th place and  8 time Series Champion Andy Lindeman rounded out the top 5.

    The series heads to Monadnock Speedway to open up the short tack season with events at "Mad Dog" on April 30th and June 11th.  Last year Lucas Leone swept all three events at Monadnock.  We'll have a new winner this year. Will the trend of young winners continue or will a veteran like Noll or Koenig pull off the upset? 

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For complete results from New Hampshire International Speedway Click Here.

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 The 48th Annual Ice Breaker
Set To Kick-off the
The EXIT Realty New England
ProTruck Challenge


  The 2022 Exit Realty Challenge Pro truck season is about to get underway at Thompson Speedway's 48th annual IceBreaker.  The ProTruck teams all consider it an honor to be part of such a historic event.

   24 team have entered this year's icebreaker. Leading the charge will be the 2021 Exit Realty Challenge reigning champion Dangerous Dave Koenig driving his number 97 Silverado. Rumors have it that David has added a sleek new body to his Silverado. The team is hoping the body improvements will add the straight away speed they need to find their way to Victory Lane.

  The 15jr. of Gerard Giordano jr. will be heading back to what has to be one of his favorite speedways. Gerard was the runner up in this year's championship. His last visit to Thompson featured a door to door battle to the start finish line where he was able to secure the win. G-Rod is always a favorite to win whenever he races with the tour. In EXIT Realty Challenge all time stats he has the most wins (10), total laps led (321), top five finishes (43) and top 10s (54). Keep an eye on the 15jr.

    The 38 of Connor Souza is also entered into the IceBreaker. Connor had a banner year in 2021 scoring 4 wins and leading 205 laps. He contended for the win in both Thompson Speedway events last season. Many of the experts say the 38 team to be the team to beat in 2022.

     The 1ne of Lucas Leone will be at Thompson. His Silverado made it's début in last years Ice Breaker.  His brand new race truck was destroyed in an incident that was none of his doing.  The team rebounded by winning 3 races and sweeping the Monadnock events.

    The Exit Realty Challenge features some of the best young talent in New England racing. 55 Nathan Smith, 64 Devin Deshaies, and Clark Brooks are all under 16. They have something besides the young start in common. They have all led races demonstrating that they are fast enough to win on any given day. 

     Emma Monahan is another driver to watch. Her #78 almost walked away with the victory in last year's IceBreaker. She was faster than the leaders but just ran out of laps before getting to them.

    One of the most exciting drivers to watch has to be the 02 of Jim Boyle. It says "Sinister" on the windshield, and if you have to race against him, you may feel he is. He'll travel anywhere for a good race and drives with the phrase "Send it" on the tip of his tongue.  Expect a few sparks to fly near the 02 Silverado.

  Andrew Morin will be wheeling his #10 Silverado.  Andrew won the season ending event at the Waterford SpeedBowl.  He is looking to win two in a row.

    Randy Burr will have an all new truck .  Randy's crew chief Brandon Burr was the 2021 Crew Chief of the year.  Nothing would please the team more than to get the all new 32 to Victory lane to kick off the 2022 race season.

       Finally there is a group of Champions that will join Dave.  They are close to legendary when it comes to ProTruck racing. 9 time Champion Andy Lindeman will return to action in his familiar 3 driving for Rob Rushford.   Multi-time Champion Allen Coates returns to the series.   His scored 6 wins including one at Thompson in his 2018 Championship run.  2020 Champion Duane Noll is back with his Deuce.  Noll is another Multi-time Champion and is considered one of the best ever to drive a ProTruck.

       It is a field loaded with talent. Who will win the 2022 Ice Breaker?  We'll find out Saturday April 2nd at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.   For ticket information call Toll Free: 877-574-8129 or visit

Photos Courtesy of  MLB Racing Photography. 






      The EXIT Realty Challenge held it's 2021 awards banquet on the evening of February 26th at Foxwoods. It has become tradition that the teams do some kart racing before settling down to dinner and awards. This year's battle was heated at the Monza Karting facility.  After heats, the destruction of three Karts and a feature, Andrew Morin was able to grab this year's karting title .

     Award time followed.  Appreciation plaques were delivered to the staff. Ken Brunell and Michael Blackmar were recognized for their excellent photography work. 

     The off season was particularly tough on our family of racers and staff. Both Terri and Harold Churchill were lost.  Terri was the Director of Race Day operations and Harold was the lead Technical Advisor. Appreciation plaques were presented to Courtney and Ryan Churchill.  Grandson Dakota was also on hand.   The series will have more activities honoring the Churchill's during the season. 

     Plaques recognizing individual contributions to the series most successful season were awarded to:

    Administrator: Lorraine Pard
    Race director: Christina Bassett
    Technical Advisors: Brendan Barry and Robert Bergeron
    Dyno Services :  Brian Machie / Dez Racing, Seekonk Ma
    Series Announcers: John Gates, Blaise Brodeur and John Esburnette
    Flagmen:  Steve Gran and Kyle Souza
    Associate Sponsors: Silverstone Motorcars and Critical Gear
    Tire Sponsor : American Racer New England / Bill Galloway
     The season simply was  not possible without the contribution of all of these great individuals and companies.

     The primary sponsors of the 2021 season were  EXIT Realty Beatrice Associates and Hoosier Tires.  Hoosier Tires made it possible to hand out over $13,000 in awards, banners and trophies.  Rob Summers had many a late night making sure we had tires. There is no EXIT Realty Pro Truck Challenge without the efforts of Rob and Hoosier. We are excited to be running Hoosier Tires again for the 2022 season.

     The same holds true for EXIT Realty and Derek Beatrice.  They supply an awesome pace car that was used to raise thousands for different charities. Derek's contributions also are key in maintaining that $1000 to win first place prize.  Derek spoke about the number one reason for his involvement and that is family.  He pointed out that the banquet was filled with Aunts, Uncles, Fathers , Sons, Brothers and sisters. It is what attracts him to our racing and it is what will continue to fuel our growth.

  Next to speak was Michael Wohl.  EXIT Realty New England will take over as title sponsor for the EXIT Realty Challenge going forward. Michael enjoyed the spirit of completion when attending past events.  In Michael's eyes the series has great potential for client and company entertainment.  EXIT Realty New England , under Michael's leadership is excited to be part of taking the EXIT Realty Challenge to the next level.

   Michael led us into the competitor awards portion of the program  Banners /Trophies and checks listed are all courtesy of Rob Summers and Hoosier Tires East:.  Please click thumbnails to enlarge photo.

NWIII award presented in honor of Normal Wrenn III goes to the competitor who did the most to promote the EXIT Realty Challenge Series and help other competitors to participate.  This year's award and went to Joe Souza.

The "Dare to Dream" award is presented to the driver and team that overcomes challenges off-track to compete. The Deshaies family and Devin Deshaies do just that while often sharing their experiences. On track Devin instantly has become a front runner contending for wins and scoring podium finishes. Devin and his family continue to be educational and inspirational as they conquer extraordinary challenges seemingly in stride.   This is truly an amazing family.

      The "Most Improved" driver in 2021 was clearly Clark Brooks. In 8 events he scored 7 top 10's and 2 top 5's.  Clark is definitely a future star of New England Racing that is on the rise.


  "Crew Chief of the Year" went to Brandon Burr for his outstanding performance with the #32 Ford F-150. His truck was at the top of the speed charts more than any other this season.

     10th in points and $200 was awarded to the #10 Silverado of Andrew Morin. Morin and his 10 team capped off their season with a win in the season finale at his home track, The Waterford SpeedBowl.


  9th in points and $474 was awarded to the MVP of Social Media,  #78 Emma Monahan. Emma's video race recaps and race performances made her the most followed racer of 2021.


8th in points and $300 was awarded to #87 Jim Thompson.  Jim is one of the most popular racers ever to compete. The 87 made it up as high as 4th in 2021.


7th in points and $750 was awarded to #55 Nathan Smith.   Nathan was  the MLB Rookie of the Year which earned him an additional $350 to his points payoff of $400.


6th in points and $1000 was awarded to #32 Randy Burr. Randy was also the a/b Class Champion.
Randy had to miss an event due to COVID-19 precautions. The missed event caused him to miss the Chase by 1 point.  The 32 topped the speed charts often. He has a new ProTruck for 2022. Look for Randy Burr to be a contender all year.

At this point it was time to honor the top 5 EXIT Realty Challenge Chase Competitors.

5th in the Chase was #38 Connor Souza.  Connor was also the Overall Points Champion, and D-Class Champion.  He won the "Mr. Consistency" Award with an average finish of 4.69.  In 13 starts he had 4 wins and led 205 laps.  His efforts earned him over $2400 in post season awards.


4th in the Chase was #1ne, Lucas Leone.  The team was also presented the "Innovation Excellence"  award and $1200. Lucas had 3 wins 7 top fives and 11 top 10's in 13 starts.  Lucas has been a threat to win at every race since his first event with the series.


3rd in the Chase and $1500 was awarded to Jim Boyle.  Jim was this year's Iron Man.  Jim and his crew's efforts getting back to the track weekly were unbelievable . Jim Boyle also was the official winner of the 2021 North East Classic at New Hampshire International Speedway. 


The Runner up in this years Chase was the 15jr Gerard Giordano jr. This year's banquet was postponed due to a blizzard. "G-Rod" was unable to attend on the rescheduled date. .Ron Langdon, a championship driver and car builder in his own right, accepted his awards. G-Rod was the C Division Champion and Hard Charger.  The 15jr team's post season awards totaled $2200.

The 2021 EXIT Realty Challenge Chase Reigning Champion is Dangerous Dave Koenig and the 97 team. The team made all the events.  The 97 ended up in Victory Lane at Dave's favorite track, Hudson International .  He is a veteran that represents the Armed Forces whenever he runs.  His Chase Race had him heading to pit row with just a few laps left. Some how he made a last lap pass to grab a title that he has been runner up for multiple times.  The #97 of Dave Koenig is your 2021 Champion.  The title comes with a check from Hoosier for $2500.  Dave was quick to thank his crew, led by long time crew chief Joe Kass.  Dave has been a major supporter of the series both on and off track. We could not have a better Champion than Dangerous Dave Koenig.

The 2022 Season schedule was announced to close out the evening.  The EXIT Realty Challenge of New England will visit many of the top venues in racing including Thompson Speedway, New Hampshire International Speedway, Monadnock Speedway , Star Speedway,  Wiscasset Speedway and the Waterford Speedbowl. Check back often for the latest in EXIT Realty Challenge News including a 2022 preview. 

Photos Courtesy of  MLB Racing Photography.