2018-23 WTC Series General Rules
The ProTruck Series is owned and operated by WTC, 27 West Shore Road, Merrimack Ma.  )1860. ProTruck Series Rules are a guideline for the orderly conduct, and minimum requirements for participation. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from from publications of, or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. There is no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, officials, or any other individual involved.

All participants apply for acceptance to any WTC event. By applying you are acknowledging that WTC represents all of your interests pertaining to that event and racing in general. Competitors agree to be bound by any and all decisions made by WTC's management, which decisions shall be final and without recourse or appeal.

WTC, The ProTruck Series is dedicated to fair and equal competition. These are guidelines subject to change if the competitive balance cannot be maintained.

WTC posted awards are based primarily on race track agreements.   WTC is responsible for the distribution of the purse as described in the entry blank. In the event that the sanctioning fee is unable to be collected ( ex: track bankruptcy), WTC will pursue those funds, but ultimately is not responsible for payment until those funds are collected.

Certain contingency and or bonus awards require usage of that product and display of sticker during the event in order to receive payment. Some contingency and or bonus awards are paid directly by the provider. WTC cannot assure payment for contingency or bonus awards.

WTC officials are for the most part volunteers. Some may be paid a small stipend. Please treat them with respect. Individuals that cannot conduct themselves properly will be banned. Their competition license/rights will be revoked.
Competition director Marshall Hurley is available by text.  He will discuss any issue but please wait at least 24 hours after the event has concluded.. Please do not approach officials at race events over rulings. 

Everyone involved with the race team must become a WTC member. At WTC events no work on race trucks is allowed permitted except by WTC members.  Only properly registered team members will be allowed to speak with WTC officials about any WTC business including competition matters. WTC members must be an official, sponsor or affiliated with a car.
The Driver/and Owner are responsible for the payment of all fines, and the actions of the team or any affiliated team member.
Fines may be deducted from team or points funds payouts.

Drivers / and or owners are independent contractors. and assume full responsibility for all charges, premiums, and taxes payable on any funds received from WTC.

There is not a minimum age requirement.   Participation eligibility will be considered on an individual basis for any and all under 18 .  Approval is at the sole desertion of WTC.
All race teams must have a properly registered owner, driver , crew chief and spotter as detailed in the events official entry.

Fees including race entry fees are non-refundable.


The ProTruck Series is a touring series. As such, WTC ProTruck Officials, Drivers, Team Owners, and team  members are subject to all conduct rules of any race or appearance venue. Team owners and drivers apply for our events, and are accepted. Teams, or team members may have acceptance revoked without explanation or reason.  Teams that conduct themselves in an unacceptable manner will have acceptance to that event revoked. Further action is at the sole discretion of WTC officials


Race  Procedure
  • Driver Substitutions/ Back up Race Vehicles
    • All drivers must practice their race vehicle.
    • Rookie drivers must qualify their own race vehicle
    • Driver substitutions require that truck to start at the rear of the field
    • Back-up trucks are allowed: Must be inspected and must start at the rear of the field
  • Starting Positions
    • Will be determined by heat races, time trial, practice times, points, and/or random draw.
    • Guaranteed starting positions may be offered at the WTC official's discretion
    • Qualifying procedures will be posted prior to the race event.
    • Once race line-ups are posted, any changes will result in that line moving forward.
  • Race Interruptions
    • When events are interrupted, for any reason including safety and weather, the field will be frozen in the order of the last completed lap. (Lat lap completed is not the lap the teams are on.)
    • WTC officials will make every attempt to run all events through completion.
      Should an event ultimately be cancelled, WTC  management will work with the venue involved. It will be up to  the  discretion of the WTC management to continue the race, or cancel.
  • Hazardous race vehicles
    • Any trucks deemed hazardous will be black flagged
    • Any truck that spins 3 times during a race will be black flagged
  • Avoidable Contact
    • Over aggressive driving will not be tolerated
    • A/B Contact Rule: If two race vehicles have contact and one spins or has a significant incident (wall contact, major damage etc.) and a caution results, both vehicles will be placed to the rear of the field.
      • This penalty may be enforced post race  
      • Warning: Don't put yourself in a position to be judged.
    • Avoidable Contact: Significant contact should be avoided.
      • Intentional contact may result in immediate action including black flags and disqualification
      • The avoidable contact rule is enforced at the sole discretion of WTC officials.
  • Starts/Restarts
    • Start and restart rules will be determined at each venue
    • If the leader takes the white flag, the next flag ends the race.
      • In the case of the yellow coming out on the final lap, the field will be scored in the order they took the white flag for those that have crossed.  Teams that have not crossed the line at the time of the yellow will be scored in the order they crossed the line on the precious lap.
  • Transponders
    • Each race vehicle must have a transponder (AMB Brand)
    • Transponders must be operational at anytime the race vehicle is on the race surface.
    • Mounting
      • Trucks
        • Transponder must be installed on the right rear frame rail, 12 inches rear of the rear axel centerline.
        • The transponder is not the official determination of order crossing the line.  That ruling is at the sole discretion of the race director.
  • Inspection
    • All trucks must be inspected prior to going on to the track surface
    • All entry information must be complete before going on the track surface.
  • Appeals:
    • There are none. By applying for a WTC event you agree to abide by all rules and decisions without recourse.

    Warning: All of us know how to conduct ourselves properly. From time to time there may be differences of opinion. Competitors must understand we represent sponsors and provide entertainment. There is no room for any abusive behavior. Please hold discussions for private meeting and communication during the following week. Those that cannot conduct themselves properly will be removed and not accepted for future events. 

  •   ProTruck Championship 2024
    • Tires Options
      • Trucks must present a 2016/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24 receipt from Hoosier Tires East or evidence of purchase from WTC if requested
        • Receipt must include serial number of tires
        • Receipt must designate purchase as ProTruck Series Tires
        • A copy of the receipt must be submitted at time of inspection if requested
    • Points System
      • 175 for 1st place.
        •  Points decrease by 5 per position for 2nd thru 5th
        • Points decrease by 4 points per position for  6 thru 10th
        • Points decrease by 3 points per position for 11 thru 15th
        • Points decrease by 2 points per position for the remainder of the field
      • There is 1 bonus point for winning.
      • There is 1 bonus point for officially leading a lap.
      • There is 1 bonus point for officially leading the most laps.
      • There is 1 bonis point for fast time.
      • Bonus point will be paid in heat races
        • 1st place 5 points
        • 2nd place 4 points
        • 3rd place 3 points
        • 4th place 2 points
        • 5th place 1 point
      • Bonus points will be paid for attempting to qualify for any event.
        • Connecticut races 10 points
        • Races outside of Connecticut 35 points
      • Driver Missed events / substitutions
        • Owners my substitute a driver if their driver becomes unavailable.
          • The max allowed substitutions is 2 events (can be extended for injury or illness)
          • The owners truck will be eligible for all funds based on the position finished |
          • The substitute driver must be pre-approved
          • Points will be for last place or 14th, which ever is higher.
    • 2024 Chase Championship Standings
      • Elite eight: Chase contenders will be determined by selecting the top 8 in points going into the Hudson event.  Their driver points will be reset..
      • Final Four: The first event at Hudson on Championship weekend will determine the Final 4
      • Championship: The final 4 will then compete in relation to each other in the final event to determine positions 1-4 the final standings in 2024.
      • Positions 5-8 will be determined by how those teams finish in the season finale race.

    • Ties
      • Ties in points positions will be broken by combination of wins, and then the number of second place finishes, then 3rd, then 4th etc: If still tied the position will be determined by a coin flip.
    • Final Driver point standings for non-chase drivers
      • The non-chase drivers final standings are to be determined by points only.
  • Points fund
    • The points fund is the combination of  Sponsorship and Hoosier Tire East's contribution and Tire surcharge funds.
    • The points fund payout will be distributed between banquet awards, and the top teams in the standings.
    • Attendance at the awards banquet is required to be eligible for points payouts.
  • Special Rules for all series
    • The WTC ProTruck Rules are presented as a guideline.
    • It is impractical and impossible to list all modifications, or infractions.
    • If a guideline does not accomplish its intent, we reserve the right to modify/add to that guideline without notice.
    • WTC reserves the right to modify,  delete, amend or update these guidelines.
    • The WTC interpretation is the official interpretation of any guideline or rules
    • By applying for any WTC event you are agreeing to abide by any and all WTC rulings pertaining to any issue connected to that event. The competitor's only recourse is to withdraw from that event or future events.  
    • WTC only acts as an agent between race venues, drivers and owners.