Bracket Grand Prix
General Rules








     The Bracket Grand Prix (BGP)  is owned and operated by WTC, 27 West Shore Road, Merrimac Ma. 01860. BGP rules are a guideline for the orderly conduct of events, and contain the minimum requirements for participation. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of, or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. There is no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, officials, or any other individual involved.

All participants apply for the event. By applying you are acknowledging that WTC / BGP, represents all of your interests pertaining to that event and road racing in general. Competitors agree to be bound by any and all decisions made by BGP or WTC, which decisions shall be final and without recourse or appeal.

  • Contingency or Bonus Awards: Certain contingency and or bonus awards may require usage of that product and display of sticker during the event in order to receive payment. Some contingency and or bonus awards are paid directly by the provider. BGP or WTC cannot assure payment for contingency or bonus awards.
  • Refunds, Entry Fee Transfers or Compensation for losses: All fees are 100% automatically refundable if the race is delayed or cancelled due to COVID related regulation.  There are no other conditions that warrant transfers, refunds or compensation for losses,
  • Officials :  BGP/WTC officials are for the most part volunteers. Some may be paid a small stipend. Please treat them with respect. Individuals that cannot conduct themselves properly will be banned.
    Competition director Marshall Hurley is available by text at 978-810-2388.  He will discuss any issue by text.  Please do not approach officials at race events over rulings. 
  • Participants:  Drivers and or owners are independent contractors. and assume full responsibility for all charges, premiums, and taxes payable on any funds received from WTC.
         There is not a minimum age requirement.   Participation eligibility will be considered on an individual basis for any and all under 18 .  Approval is at the sole discretion of  BGP/WTC officials.
         All entries must have a properly registered owner,  Fees including race entry fees are non-refundable except for COVID cancellations and or delays.

  • Eligibility: The Bracket Grand Prix is a touring series. As such, BGP Officials, Drivers, Team Owners, and team  members are subject to all conduct rules of any race or appearance venue. Team owners and drivers apply for our events, and are accepted. Teams, or team members may have acceptance revoked without explanation or reason.  Teams that conduct themselves in an unacceptable manner will have acceptance to that event revoked. Further action is at the sole discretion of the BGP and/ WTC.
    • Thompson Speedway track policies

  • Driver Shifts:  Max 2 hours 15 minutes - Strictly enforced with  no allowance. Drivers that go over the 2 hour 15 minute limit limit will not be credited for those laps. Adjustment may be made post race.
  • Right of Publicity:   In consideration of this event, the acceptance of this entry by WTC, and its associated companies  the competitor agrees that BGP / WTC shall have the exclusive right to use, without further compensation to the competitors, their name(s), picture(s), likeness(es), picture (s) of race car (s), and performance (s), or any part thereof, for any and all purposes and in any manner in connection with promoting, advertising, recording, broadcasting, producing and reproducing or exploiting or benefiting in any way from this event or any other events sanctioned by WTC, whether before, during or after such event (s), including but not limited to photography, television and radio broadcasts, film productions and print media. The competitor understands and agrees that this exclusive right shall be freely assignable by WTC.
  • Social Media: No broadcast of any type are allowed without written consent.
  • Timing:  No onboard timing systems. This includes stop watches, sun dials or anything else you can think of .
                   No GPS tracking system of any type. You will be dq'd
                   The only timing system allowed is based off of the track's timing.
  • Cell phones / Tablets:  Not allowed in the car or instant dq.
  • External devices: Any external devices mounted to the body of the car must be tethered.  
                                 GoPro Cameras must be tethered ..
  • Aircraft / Models:  No drones or flying aircraft of any type are allowed. No remote controlled vehicles of any kind.
  • Support Vehicles:  Except for registered street vehicles coming on to or leaving the facility, no motorized vehicles are to be used on the facility site except in accordance with that individual venue's policies.
  • General Tech Inspection: Vehicles must comply with all safety recommendations. Tech inspection is  not a certification or representation that a vehicle is safe to drive. Teams and their team captain are responsible for determining their vehicle's safety, fitness to race, and compliance to the event rules.
  • Personal Safety Equiment:
    • Driver/Hot pit crew helmet: Undamaged full face Type SA helmet, Snell SA2015 or newer mandatory or FIA 8860-2000 certification required.
      • Complete closable visor
    • Neck Brace/Helmet support
      • SFI 38.1 rated or FIA 8858 rated head and neck protection only
    • Fire Retardant Clothing
      • Full SFI 3.2/A or FIA 8856-2000 certified fire retardant suit required
      • SFI 3.2 A1 or 3.2/A3 single layer may be used with SFI or FIA certified
  • Fueling Rules
    • From Track pumps or Jugs 5 gallon or smaller hand held jugs
      • Jugs must be DOT, SCCA or FIA approved
      • Kill switch must be off
      • 2 crew man must participate in the stop
        • Must wear same safety gear as the driver
        • One must have fire extinguisher in hand aimed at fueler (s)
      • Fueling only allowed in designated areas
    • Fuel spills: Quickly dilute with water or cold fire
                       Seek track assistance
    • No fuel is allowed in the garages
    • Drip pans must be used under car to collect any fuel overflow or spills.
    • Fuel stops are timed.
      • Teams that will be fueling must pick up a timer at the entrance to pit row.
      • Teams must return timer at the end of pit row.
      • See Section 6 "Fuel Systems" for additional timing rules.
  • Penalties:
    • May be applied at the discretion of BGP / WTC officials for dangerous behaviors
      • Avoidable Contact ( both penalized regardless of blame or fault)
      • Wheels off track
      • Speeding  in  pits
      • Missing/Ignoring a safety flag
      • Lack of car control
      • Over aggressive driving
      • Contact with wall, cone , safety vehicle etc.
  • Flags:
    • Green = race
    • Yellow- No passing
      • Must be single file and not racing by the time the flagging station is reached
      • Safety zone ends one incident is cleared.
    • Red - Stop
      • Stop should be controlled
      • Try to pull to the edge of the pavement
    • White - Slow vehicle ahead on track
      • All other flags still apply
      • You may pass when safe and reasonable
    • Black
      • Pointed at you means to come to the officials impound area
      • Multiple or all means to exit the track, and head to the paddock
    • Red & Yellow Stripe:  Track most likely has something on the surface
    • Blue with Yellow:  Significantly faster traffic is approaching


  • Special Rules
    • The BGP/WTC Rules are presented as a guideline.
    • It is impractical and impossible to list all modifications, or infractions.
    • If a guideline does not accomplish its intent, we reserve the right to modify/add to that guideline without notice.
    • BGP/WTC reserve the right to modify,  delete, amend or update these guidelines.
    • The BGP/WTC interpretation is the official interpretation of any guideline or rules
    • By applying for any WTC event you are agreeing to abide by any and all WTC Rulings pertaining to any issue connected to that event. The competitor's only recourse is to withdraw from that event or future events.