Our first 2023 Tire order will be placed on the 28th of February. Please have your order in.   Your team must be registered to order tires so register first.  No payment is expected to order however, tires are to be paid for once we get them in.
All tires have Ct. Tax included.  We pay the tax at time of delivery.  We expect prices approximately the same as last year.

Tires are stored in North Andover Mass. at Silverstone Motorsports.
Teams may have tires mounted by Silverstone and all tires can be picked up or delivered at Thompson. 

We do not ups tires.

Teams will be allowed to have their tires for at least the first two events. Tires will be tested for evidence of chemical treatment.  Results from Blue Ridge Labs are agreed to be official. Testing does destroy the tire and no reimbursement will be offered. PROTECT YOUR TIRES FROM ANY CHEMICAL EXPOSURE.  MANY COMMON HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS ALTER RUBBERTIRES THAT  HAVE ALTERED CHEMICAL COMPOUND WILL FAIL.

If we have any issues with teams failing tire tests, we will go back to the process of only allowing tire to be purchased at the track.  Undetectable tire treatments fail regardless of what the manufacturer says.  Order your tires below. We will contact you when the shipment is in.  Hoosier tires does not have any at their facility so order early to make sure you have tires for Thompson.

Team owner name             Left side  Hoosier #500                   Right side Hoosier #10-60

Truck Number